What does your service cost?
Our prices can be seen on our pricing page.
Pricing is by volume, you only pay for the amount of space your junk takes up in our truck. Our trucks are large, 20 cubic yards. You get a better bang for the buck than with our competitors.

How far in advance do I have to book? We offer same day service on most orders.

What makes you "eco-friendly"? When we set out to start JunkGeneral we wanted to back it up! JunkGeneral.com actually has a yard. We store metal, e-waste, cardboard, paper and donateables for collection from third party companies. Ocassionally neighborhood people will stop by and take some of the salvegeable items free of charge. Having our own yard enables us to divert more than any other junk company. While many claim to be eco-friendly we back it up with our own secure junk yard with its own scrap metal pile, cardboard and paper bins and e-waste piles.

Cool JunkGeneral facts.

  • We have never purchased any office paper all our office paper has been scrounged from jobs.
  • JunkGeneral was the first hauling company running on biodiesel even before Allied waste was running B20 on their trucks! Our trucks ran on 100% recycled biodiesel never before seen in any junk removal service in the bay area probably the united states.
  • JunkGeneral never green washed to be trendy our business model REQUIRED us to recycled in order to fill the need for a hauling company that ACTUALLY recycled.
  • We all live breathe JUNK. No kidding its our passion we enjoy salvaging, tinkering and finding different uses for "junk".
  • Most JunkGeneral guys rarely purchase furniture, or other items. We live off of junk.

    Do you guys take JUNK CARS?
    Yep we sure do.

    Do your workers take tips? Is it appropriate?
    Yes they do, its not required of course but we feel it would be disrespectful to our workers to prohibit them from receiving tips. If you desire to tip you can tip them in cash, or include it in the invoice.

    Whats the difference between you and a debris box?
    We arrive, estimate, load up your junk and get out. With a dumpster you pay a flat rate regardless of how much of the dumpster you fill. With our full service you only pay for the amount of junk going in the truck. We are a true full service junk removal and hauling solution. If you are a do it yourselfer or would rather get rid of junk at your leisure try one of our Eco-Dumpster's

    How and when do I pay?
    You pay after job completion.. Visa, Master Card, check and cash are all appropriate payment methods.

    Do I have to be on site?
    No, we can take payment over the phone.

    Will you call me before you come? You will receive a call approximately 20 minutes before our estimated time of arrival.

Do you charge extra for e-waste? Nope, we want to encourage people to do the right thing.  Give us your e-waste and let us dispose of it properly.  Charging surcharges for e-waste, let our competitors play that game.

How big is your truck? Our truck bed is 14 feet long by 5 feet high and 8 feet wide. 20 cubic yards in size.

I have a business and need to get rid of junk all the time. Can we work something out? We offer business packages for those who run businesses that produce junk. Some of these businesses include: estate sale liquidators, real estate professionals, contractors, etc.... We can tailor a junk removal service solution, so you can focus on your business not junk.





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