NEW! We now offer house cleaning along with our junk removal services. The complete solution.

Junk Removal Services:

We offer junk removal services to residential and commercial clients.

We do all the heavy lifting, clean up and disposal of your junk.

We haul everything from couches and televisions to construction debris.

Below is a list of the services we provide:

  • Household Junk Removal
    We go to your home or business, take a look at what you have, and give you an estimate.If you would like to become junk-free we can haul your things away for you that sameday or you could make an appointment for another day or time at your convenience. If for
    whatever reason you would rather schedule service for a later date, our first visit is a freeestimate!

  • Real Estate Solutions
    We can help real estate professionals prepare a home for the market. This can include junk removal (trash out), house cleaning, yard clean-ups and pressure washing!

  • Dirt and Concrete Removal:
    Dirt can be loaded with 36" wide skidsteers (Bobcats) which can get into many backyards. For smaller loads or places with very limited access we use shovels and wheelbarrows
  • Construction Debris removal
    We are experts at diverting as much construction debris as possible. With 70% of landfill space used being taken up by construction debris it is crucial to recycle and divert asmuch C&D as possible. Our recycling rate for C&D is about 90%-95%. We can provide
    you with the proper documentation in order to meet your city’s C&D requirements.

  • Shed tear down and haul away
    Many of us have old sheds just waiting to be hauled off. We can disassemble tin or wooden sheds and haul them off for recycling.

  • Spa Removal
    Hot tubs are enjoyable, however over time they can become money pits and rat nests. If your hot tub has become more of a nuisance give us a call. We can roll it out or take it apart.

  • Garage Clean outs
    We provide full service junk removal for your garage. We can help you get your car back in there or just have a clutter free garage.

  • Estate Clean outs
    We regularly service estate liquidator professionals who demand we be on time, and professional.

  • E-waste disposal (monitors, computers, etc.)
    All universal waste (e-waste) that we remove is recycled appropriately by a California Department of Toxic Substances approved recycler.

    All our prices reflect the cost of dumping, taxes, fuel expenses, time and labor. We do all the work. Extra labor such as excessive flights of stairs, demolishing or disassembly may incur extra charges, all which would be discussed prior to execution of the work.


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